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Got Joint Pain?

Get Rid Of It In Just 10 Minutes A Day!

JointHeal™️ Cordless Orthopedic Brace is a universal All-in-One joint massager brace that helps relieve pain from all the body's major joints- knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow through heat and vibration massage therapy.  

Anyone with a joint pain knows how much Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage can cost. For less than one fifth the cost of just ONE of these treatments, you can receive the lifelong benefits of our Universal Joint Therapy Brace.


Seriously BEST KNEE BRACE IVE EVER OWNED! I tore my ACL in half back in 2007 and had total ACL reconstruction surgery, since then you could only imagine the amount of braces I've gone thru and this surpasses them in price, comfort AND most importantly ACTUAL pain relief!!

- Viviana Dumitrascu, US  

*Note:- TheBodyTherapy is the ONLY seller of JointHeal™️ Universal Orthopedic Brace. We have NO other retailers.


What Are The Benefits

  • Helps relieves chronic joint pain
  • Relieves joint and muscle stiffness & inflammation
  • Accelerate blood circulation & muscle recovery 
  • Improves flexibility in Joint Muscles
  • Prevents joint overexertion through heated massage

Why JointHeal? 

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    How Does It Work?

    By providing gentle heat and/or vibration massage in timed cycles, JointHeal is able to gently relax the joint ligaments and muscles, while also improving the circulation in that area, providing pain relief and mobility to your knees, shoulders, elbows or ankles. The four jade stones allow you to adjust them right on those pain points for a targeted deep massage therapy.

    Using soft touch elastic neoprene material, suitable for use with different girths of legs or arms, it maximizes comfort on targeted area. Designed to wrap around all the joints, it comes with an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn around a variety of sizes comfortably.

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    Knee & Elbow

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the massage and heat function be used separately?

    Absolutely. Both heat and massage function can be used together or independently of each other.

    How long does the battery last?

    It depends on the mode you are using but it can last up to 2 hours on average, which is more than enough for a single therapy session.

    Can JointHeal be used while plugged in?

    Yes, it certainly can be. JointHeal is designed to work both on battery mode and while it is plugged in, which makes you save battery for when you might really need it.

    What kind of massage it provides?

    JointHeal provides vibration massage shifting between varying modes automatically. The massage can be used alone or with the heat function and for three different time lengths.



    Rated voltage: 110v-240v
    Power: 12W
    Heating temperature: 45-55 degrees
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