Orthotec Feather Posture Corrector

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Meet the lightest Posture Corrector EVER! 

Orthotec Feather Comfort Corset trains tough upper spine & muscles to return to their natural, healthy alignment. Made from velvet & sponge this brace was made to provide exceptional comfort which is rare in such braces. The adjustable velcro loop makes sure that the optimal pull required to realign the clavicle region is created. If you want results with an excellent comfort, this is the brace for you!
Material: Neoprene
Gender: Men/ Women


PREVENTS HUNCHING - This brace works by training your muscles & spine to return to their natural, healthy alignment. Using it for 2 Hours a day can start to show you the results.
REDUCES BACK PAIN - Aligning your spine in position, it aids in the treatment of spinal degenerations such as Scoliosis, helping heal the bad back pains.
LIGHTWEIGHT- The premium quality velvet & sponge chosen for this belt makes it extremely lightweight and highly comfortable to wear for longer durations.
COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE- Using an adjustable loop, this brace was specially built for the convenience of adjustability and movability. 
INCOGNITO- Made to be worn anytime, anywhere, it fits closely & comfortably to your body so that you can wear it under your clothes anywhere you go & anything you do.


How long should I wear it?  If it's your first time wearing a posture brace, wear it for around 20 to 40 minutes a day (maybe in 2-3 separate sessions) for 3 weeks. As your posture begins to improve, you can increase the time-worn.
Is it comfortable to wear? It absolutely is! In fact, this brace for built for comfort & convenience. It might feel awkward at first because most of us have been slouching for years, so be patient. But soon enough you will notice a significant improvement in your posture as your muscles  to learn.
How can I wash it? HandWash with cold water or in a washing machine on a gentle setting. Don't iron. Don't bleach 



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DrBodyWell Orthotec Feather Posture Corrector is the perfect compliment to your physical therapy routine, but not a replacement to it. If in doubt, please consult your doctor before using it.


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