Orthotec Feather Posture Corrector

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Meet the lightest Posture Corrector EVER! 

 Orthotec Feather Comfort Corset trains tough upper spine & muscles to return to their natural, healthy alignment. If you are fed up with the constant pain and discomfort, this is the brace for you!

Material: Neoprene
Gender: Men/ Women


PREVENTS HUNCHING - This brace works by training your muscles & spine to return to their natural, healthy alignment. 

REDUCES BACK PAIN - Aligning your spine in position, it aids in the treatment of spinal degenerations such as Scoliosis, helping heal the bad back pains.

LIGHTWEIGHT- The premium quality velvet & sponge chosen for this belt makes it extremely lightweight and highly comfortable to wear for longer durations.

COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE- Using an adjustable loop, this brace was specially built for the convenience of adjustability and movability. 

INCOGNITO- Made to be worn anytime, anywhere, it fits closely & comfortably to your body so that you can wear it under your clothes anywhere you go & anything you do.



How long should I wear it?  If it's your first time wearing a posture brace, wear it for around 20 to 40 minutes a day (maybe in 2-3 separate sessions) for 3 weeks. As your posture begins to improve, you can increase the time-worn.

Is it comfortable to wear? It absolutely is! In fact, this brace for built for comfort & convenience. It might feel awkward at first because most of us have been slouching for years, so be patient. But soon enough you will notice a significant improvement in your posture as your muscles begin to learn.

How can I wash it? HandWash with cold water or in a washing machine on a gentle setting. Don't iron. Don't bleach.