PelFix® Hip & Pelvic Muscle Trainer

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Weak Glutes. Hip Dips. Leaky Bladder. Thigh Cellulite


Ring A Bell?


PelFix® is one of its kind, brand new, robust exerciser that trains your pelvic floor muscles, adjusts & tightens the thighs, buttocks and lower abdominal muscles, naturally.

Pelvic Floor and Gluteus Maximus are two of the least exercised muscles in our whole body. No surprise, most women suffer from the above mentioned issues.


I got it to help with my weak pelvic after giving birth. And it's really helping!

- Naomi, UK


  • Lifts & Strengthens Butt Muscles- PelFix activates your Dormant Thigh Adductor and Gluteus Maximus muscles and helps achieve a natural butt lift
  • Prevents Urinary Incontinence- Pregnancy, ageing, surgery, overweight and excessive constipation are the most common causes of weak and leaky bladder. PelFix helps regain the control through voluntarily exercising affected muscles
  • Improves Pelvic Anterior Tilt- Very common among office workers, athletes and elderly, Pelvic anterior tilt can be cured by activating pelvic muscles to support the movement


  • Reduces Thigh Cellulite- By exercising those adductor muscles, PelFix helps reduce the cellulite from the thighs
  • Creates the perfect Thigh Gap- PelFix removes unhealthy fat and helps achieving that highly desired thigh gap



    Material: PVC




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